2007 Sterling Roll Off Truck 6106

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Specifications for 2007 Sterling Roll Off Truck 6106


  • Configuration:  Rolloff
  • Year:  2007
  • Make:  Sterling
  • Model:  LT8500
  • VIN:  2FZHAWDC77AX66106
  • Mileage:  153,000
  • Hours:  8.7


  • Make:  CAT


  • Make:  
  • Model:  8LL



  • Wheel Style:  Hub Pilot


  • Front Axle Capacity:  18,000
  • Rear Axle Capacity:  40,000


  • Air Conditioning:  Yes

Body Specifications

  • Make:  Stellar
  • Model:  SI75
  • "Pick Up" Style:  Roll-Off
  • Remarks:

new hoist and tarper


  • Chassis Color is now:  White
  • Body Color is now:  Black

* Can be painted color of your choice (optional)



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